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for all your Telephone Socket

and Broadband Socket needs

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Extra Broadband Socket

Installation of Extra Telephone / Broadband Sockets

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We carryout a complete installation (single and multiple socket installation) using approved materials, with cabling installed neatly and unobtrusively and test after installation.

Repair Extension Telephone Sockets

We do a complete test on customers cabling and carry out any necessary repairs with a complete installation test afterwards.


TV Aerials and Extensions

TV Aerial and extra TV points can be installed around the home for additional TV’s or Freeview boxes.


Satellite and Cable TV Extensions

We install cable or satellite TV extensions.  Link Eye remote controls for secondary TV’s.  All installations are carried out neatly, and where possible the cables will be hidden.


Frontage Cabling Removed

We test and remove / re-route unsightly cables from the exterior


Electrical Work

We can arrange for any electrical work that you need to be done by fully qualified electricians.

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